Journal for Art Market Studies IV

Based on a detail from George Cruickshank, The Elgin Marbles! or John Bull buying stones at the time his numerous family want bread!! (engraving, 1816). Cover design: Amichai Green Grafik.


Fourth issue of the open-access Journal for Art Market Studies, published by Forum Kunst und Markt/Centre for Art Market Studies at TU Berlin

Translocations and the Art Market
Volume 2, Number 2, 2018

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Ever since antiquity, the art market and the translocation of art have been closely related. The fourth issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies explores aspects of translocation facilitated by the art market, for example through lucrative trade in looted art as under the Nazis, the skillful exploitation of economic opportunities by wealthy overseas buyers, politically induced sales of national cultural assets as after the Russian Revolution, or the trade in colonial objects whose acquisition circumstances are often unknown.

Review: Christoph Schmälzle, 16/08/18: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung