Abendvortrag PD DR. Waltraud M. Bayer

Liubov Popova, Composition with a White Half-Moon, 1920-1921, Gouache on cardboard, 33,5 x 27 cm, Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow. After Dmitri V. Sarabianov/Natalia L. Adaskina: Popova, New York 1990, p. 180.* 


PD Dr. Waltraud M. Bayer, Wien, talks about:
„From Russia with / without Doubt“:
Globale Netzwerke – Expertisen – Gerichtsprozesse

Date: 15/11/2019, 6:15 p.m.
Venue: Technische Universität Berlin, Hybrid Lab in the Villa Bell, Marchstraße 8, 10578 Berlin

The evening lecture is a part of the symposium „Objects on the Art Market: Original oder Fälschung – eine Frage der Expertise?” (Berlin, 15-16/11/2019)

*“Composition with a White Half-Moon” was mistakenly printed in an exhibition catalogue (1990), turned incorrectly on its side. A Stuttgart auction house offered a very similar work in 2007 for sale, which used the inverted image and added a second half-moon. The “twin” was not sold.